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Why Companies Need to Rethink Their Communication Strategy for Remote Teams Infographic

Why Companies Need to Rethink Their Communication Strategy for Remote Teams Infographic

Today’s business world is extremely overwhelmed with the constant introduction of new communication tools, channels, and platforms - each promising to heighten employee productivity and operational efficiency. The ultimate challenge lies with the companies who need to cherry-pick the right communication tools (ignoring the others) based on relevance, objectivity and desired business results.

The sheer availability and expansion of communication platforms and collaboration options sometimes add to more chaos than clarity. After all, hyper-connectivity doesn’t always lead to the right direction and the most sought-after solution. Especially, breaking through all the clutters created by easily-available and fragmented communication channels become the most crucial thing to do, especially in a business scenario when your remote employees need to take faster and efficient decisions based on accurate and timely information.

In this particular infographic, we will talk about why companies need to execute a strategic, secure and streamlined communication strategy when it comes to their remote teams. While emails, text messages and phone calls are still prevalent, some of the field-forces are using social media and open chat platforms. Not only these public communication platforms are highly fragmented, but they also lack alignment with the business goals most of the time. On top of that, they involve higher chances of a data breach, data loss, and theft as different employees tend to use different messaging platforms to communicate with the team as per convenience and familiarity. At the same time, it also leads to unnecessary and unchecked data overages due to uninhibited access to a number of chat platforms across the internet.

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