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Voices International Family Virtual Video

Voices International Family Virtual Video

One of Voices International main goals every year is to raise money to support children's charities. Since we were not able to perform live concerts this year (and concerts are definitely the best way we have to raise money), we are linking our VI Family Virtual Video (link here) to this money pot, where you can donate any amount you want to support two different children's charities:


The "Kannerservice" from Omega 90 asbl, a Luxembourg based NGO, proposes consulting services to families, where children need psychological support in order to cope with the grief after the loss of a loved one, a parent, or a brother or sister.

For more information:

Jean Hamilius Junior Foundation

In 1998, Jean Hamilius Jr.’s family and friends created the “Fondation Jean Hamilius Junior” to honour the memory of Jean who passed away the same year. The Foundation’s objective was the funding of a house for children in socio-emotional difficulties, named “Kannerhaus Jean” after the deceased.

In 2020, the Foundation has set itself the mission of carrying out a new project to support young adults (18-26 years old) in psychosocial distress, the "Biergop" managed by the Cercle Eric Haas asbl.

For more information:

All the money raised with this money pot will be donated to these two Luxembourgish charities! If you are a contributor, you will receive the information once the money is donated!

Please note, you may notice a pending charge of €1 on your account, in addition to your donation amount. Rest assured that this €1 charge will disappear after your bank has completed verification checks and will not be charged.

Thank you and happy holidays!

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Omega 90 / Jean Hamilius Junior Foundation