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Helping Capeverdian Musicians  during Covid-19 Crisis

Helping Capeverdian Musicians during Covid-19 Crisis

Hello everyone & welcome to this money pot to help Cape Verdian music during the Covid Crisis (Vedi ITaliano sotto) Hallo everyone!! With only 1-click you can contribute to an emergency fund used to support people I care a lot about hit by the Covid-19 Crisis.In the islands of Cape Verde, country of the Unesco immaterial heritage Morna and the home of the great singer Cesaria Evora, professional musicians are left struggling due to the music and performing ban caused by the Covid-19 crisis. MY BIG BIRTHDAY is coming up, and I was planning to celebrate in style with many of you, but can't anymore due to this crisis. So I thought that those of you who were planning to come celebrate with me or wanted to give me a gift for my birthday could instead contribute to this special cause. That will make the best gift for me and support a cause which is very important. Anything you can give will be a great contribution.All the money will be transferred to the account of a VERY TRUSTED and well respected Cape-Verdian musician friend of mine who has personal links and contacts in Cape Verde and will distribute to whoever needs it most.I have been careful on this and selected the person I trust more to be 100% transparent so that you can rest assured that the money is spent for the cause you giving it to. Please contribute to make my birthday a VERY HAPPY DAY by giving to this cause.Much love from meFrancesca=======Ciao PEr il mio compleanno ho pensato di creare questa colletta. So che a Capo Verde tanti musicisti sono in difficolta' perche' non c'e' turismo, non c'e' lavoro, non ci sono concerti che possono fare, ed e' molto dura. Allora per il mio compleanno mi piacerebbe che invece di regarlarmi qualcosa tu potessi contribuire, anche con molto poco, a questa colletta. Il ricavato andra' direttamente sul conto di un amico musicista 100% fidato, uno dei miei piu' cari amici, che sa a chi e come distribuire l'aiuto.E' un regalo che a me piacerebbe tantissimo, e poi mi aiuteresti per una bella causa...Pensaci, e Grazie in anticipo!Francesca



Help El Mida fight Covid 19

Help El Mida fight Covid 19

Chers ami(e)s La délégation d'El Mida se trouve au Cap Bon en Tunisie et regroupe les communes suivantes :Abada, Ain Ghrab, Chatt Zouhour, Dharetzaouia, El Ayour, Errghine, Fartouna, Gorchine, Hmada, Klaifa, Lebna, Maisra, Mallasine, Oum Dhouil village, Rouiget, Sidi Bouali, Teffeloun, et El Mida ville. Avec le confinement, beaucoup de travailleurs tunisiens et leurs familles se trouvent dans une situation difficile, avec un système social débordé par les besoins de la population, l’action humanitaire est vitale. Pour soutenir les habitants de la délégation d’El Mida qui se trouvent soudainement sans ressources, nous souhaitons les aider en leurs fournissant un panier de produits alimentaires de base. Si vous souhaitez participer à cette initiative bénévole et soutenir les personnes les plus vulnérables face à la maladie du Coronavirus, rejoignez-nous dans ce mouvement de solidarité en faisant un don. Objectif = 1500 paniers alimentaires pour 1500 familles dans le besoin Où : Délégation d’El Mida (Cap Bon - Nabeul). Les paniers seront disponibles chez les commerçants de proximité et pourront être récupérés avec un bon d’achat. Budget = approximativement 75 000 DT avec un montant d'environ 70 DT par panier (ceci dépend des produits disponibles et du nombre de dons reçus). Si nous recevons davantage de dons, nous pourrons tenir plus longtemps en espérant que cette période de confinement ne dure pas. Les nombre de dons et le suivi de la distribution aux familles pourront être suivis sur la page Facebook : Tous avec El Mida : Rappelez-vous qu’il n’y a pas de petits dons, il n’y a que de grands gestes! MERCI DU FOND DU COEUR. ***** Dear Comunity, The delegation of El Mida is located in the Cap Bon in Tunisia and includes the following municipalities: Abada, Ain Ghrab, Chatt Zouhour, Dharetzaouia, El Ayour, Errghine, Fartouna, Gorchine, Hmada, Klaifa, Lebna, Maisra, Mallasine, Oum Dhouil village, Rouiget, Sidi Bouali, Teffeloun, and El Mida ville. With the confinement, many Tunisian workers and their families find themselves in a difficult situation, with a social system overwhelmed by the needs of the population, humanitarian action is vital. To support the residents of the El Mida delegation who are suddenly destitute, we want to help them by providing them with a basket of basic food items. If you wish to participate in this voluntary initiative and support the most vulnerable people facing Coronavirus disease, join us in this solidarity movement by making a donation. Objective = 1,500 food baskets for 1,500 families in need Where: Delegation of El Mida (Cap Bon - Nabeul). The baskets will be available at local merchants and can be picked up with a voucher. Budget = approximately 75,000 DT with an amount of approximately 70 DT per basket (this depends on the products available and the number of donations received). If we receive more donations, we can last longer, hoping that this period of confinement does not last. The number of donations and the monitoring of distribution to families can be followed on the Facebook page: All with El Mida: https: // Modal = admin_todo_tour Remember that there are no small gifts, there are only great gestures! THANK YOU FROM THE HEART.



150 cats need an new home

150 cats need an new home

Hello everyone & welcome to this money pot!I am German and live in Italy for many years. Unfortunately, animal welfare is not particularly important here. I came across a young woman who has taken more than 150 cats off the streets privately from her own resources and of course through private donations and has been caring for her for years. The cats are mostly old and / or sick and therefore not mediated, because they have been living "in the pack" for years, a normal attitude as it is possible with a domestic cat is not possible. I have founded an association with this young woman, who has in the meantime become a very good friend, which is also registered in order and can issue donation receipts. In the meantime, we regularly receive private donations to provide for the food and the better care of the cats, also because another club from Germany has joined us. But now comes the problem, my girlfriend has to leave the rented house from several reasons, the grudging are among other things that there is no warm water there, the heating system hardly works or only rarely works and also the groundwater is not flawless. It is already clear that a move is not so easy, because who rents a detached house with a plot of land to a small family with so many cats, and at a fair price? After years of care and care for the cats, there are of all no financial costs to cover the costs of a real estate agent, a move, a rental deposit, a new enclosure and any necessary restoration work. Therefore, the prospect of a new home is zero! We need your help, because only if we can finance the move and hire a broker, we have a chance. I have never opened a Money Box before and i am unfortunately not an expert in this field and would therefore like all those who are interested in my "our" project, like to give more information, so please also write to me gladly, because I think that it will be far too long here to see everything* Give however much you want* All payments are 100% secure* Why It's easy & transparent!Thank you!


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